Monday, 4 August 2014

Commonwealth Games Stadium Constructions

Today was really exciting for the class.  In the morning we got into teams,  then each of us chose a particular Commonwealth Games sports event, one that no one else in our team had chosen.  Next we researched the event's facilities (ask your child what that word means), equipment and design. We saved the photos to our camera rolls for looking at as we worked.

Then the leaders of each team entered into a Minecraft world which had been created for them. The other team members joined them next and began working together to build the stadium structures.  Everything from roads, bridges, first aid stations, to TV and media platforms. Basically all the things the children had found in their research.

Danika, Alannah & Angela each working on their
gymnastic, netball and swimming stadium.

Selina, Alyssa and Navneet working from
their checksheet. Each stadium needs to
 include a list of things.  The girls are working
 on athletics, gymnastics, swimming

Nariko, Kayla and Eunice are helping eachother
build each stadium for: swimming,
gymnastics and diving. 

Vishal, Toby and Will are working on their
stadiums netball, weightlifting and swimming. 
Nikora, Matthew, Janna & Emily are
working collaboratively. Rather than building
their structures individually, they are building
each one together quickly then moving on to the next. 
Andrey (squash), Ma'u (diving),
Brooklyn (swimming) and Josef (shooting).   
Rhys (table tennis),  Trey (rugby 7's) and Anush (swimming) decided to work independently on each stadium. They are working together on the rail
track joining each of their structures.  

McKenzie, Madison and Siana are each building independantly
for their sports (diving, netball and swimming). They think they'll connect them
somehow towards the end.

Nariko's stadium so far.
This shows the road and train track linking
two stadiums.

Siana shows off her construction.
Rhys & Trey's structures side by side.

Working in teams has called for collaboration and
negotiation around space and size - a few things had to be
demolished and relocated.

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